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BDSM Information Links


Amidst the torrent of BDSM information, services, societies and vendors on the internet there are some very credible resources. We have assembled a list of those who have established their mark of excellence by serving the online BDSM community with quality services, organizations or products. 

Real Time BDSM Resources
Kink Aware Professionals
Geographically arranged list of kink aware practitioners for people who are seeking psychotherapeutic, medical, complementary healing, legal, financial, and computer professionals who are informed about the diversity of consensual, adult sexuality.

Immediate Family Inc.
Provides non-discriminatory non-medical acute crisis intervention, shelter, information and/or program referrals to persons in qualified emergency situations providing
an Alternate Lifestyle safehouse/rescue project with affiliates throughout the US, Canada and the UK. They have Certified Counselors, Pastoral Services and provide a forum for the many different expressions of power in love and play, including dominance & submission, bondage & discipline, fetishism, cross-dressing and many more.

BDSM Resources Online
The Slave Register
With more than 30,000 registered slaves, this has become a very interesting web project
hosted by the House Of Tanos. The Slave Register provides a central place for the registration of slaves and submissives. Each registration is assigned a unique Slave Registration Number ("SLRN") and there are ownership certificates. This service is free.

A large BDSM community with free BDSM personals, fetish pictures and video, stories, and BDSM / fetish community forums.

A large source for online BDSM personals. Find a munch, a twisted dungeon for the weekend, or a 24x7 power relationship – if it’s a little kinky, you may find it here.

The Encyclopedia Of Unusual Sex Practices  
Since the loss of the Deviant's Dictionary, this remains one of the larger collection of terms available. See glossary for free access to definitions. The paid access section of this online encyclopedia presents a unique guide to human sexual expression, ranging from the mildly kinky to the truly bizarre.

The Emblem Project
This personal site has a collection of information about the BDSM emblem which is a variant of the Triskele.

Internal Enslavement
You've got to love those kinky Brits, another project hosted by the House Of Tanos.! Originally this was MaterSlave.org.uk. We aim to develop practical techniques to establish and maintain a solid and inescapable state of ownership. In doing this, we wish to cut through the vague concept of "Slave Training" popular in BDSM fiction and websites. We draw inspiration both from existing accounts of Total Power Exchange, and from mainstream Psychology.

Wings Of Fire
An alternative lifestyle oriented resource and educational, safe support site for survivors of abuse in all aspects of abuse:  Childhood abuse, domestic violence, ritual abuse, D/s abuse, emotional/verbal abuse, rape, secondary survivors, PTSD, MPD/DID, depression, et al.

Packed with information from the history of the bullwhip to instructions on use, care, repair, safety and making whips. A fantastic resource with photos and instructional movies on whip cracking.   

BDSM Shopping Online
One of the largest provider of medical toys, products and apparel for the medical fetish, nurse fetish and the medical BDSM scene on the web. A great resource jam packed with online instructions and a library full of information. They have been on the Playboy® Channel, radio talk shows and in Penthouse Variations, Hustler's Taboo Magazine, New Yorker Magazine, Dan Savage's Savage Love column, authoring medical fetish and nurse fetish articles.

JT's Stockroom
JT's Stockroom has been selling bondage gear on the internet since before the world wide web existed. Our online catalog features 1100+ adult products, including safe sex supplies, a large selection of bondage, BDSM and electrical gear, books, magazines, etc. You'll also find product photos, interactive ordering, an erotic photo gallery, and a free chat room.

Leather Cellar
Custom hand-crafted leather BDSM equipment, distinctive whips, floggers and a very extensive line of quality hand-crafted products from dungeon furniture to the latest BSDM devices. 

Adam and Gillian's Sensual Whips and Toys
Adam and Gillian's toys offer outstanding value at a reasonable price. They offer a wide variety of domination instruments handcrafted in one workshop by experienced lifestyle devotees. Designed for pleasure and built to last a lifetime, their whips, floggers, paddles, straps, canes and "toy-ture" devices have become "world-famous." 

Online Organizations 
National Leather Association International
National Leather Association - Central Florida Chapter
The Eulenspeigal Society
Society Of Janus
Black Rose

Castle Realm

D/s Kiosk

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Page Credits: Editorial, reviews and descriptions were written by NewImprovedDom@aol.com and are solely his opinion not the opinion of the Sarasota Society. 

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